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Please keep following points in mind while uploading documents and images during registration process:

1.High resolution soft copy of photograph should be used instead of scanned hard copy image.
2.Uploaded photograph will appear on registration certificate hence should be of good quality.
3.Uploaded photo should be the latest photograph which should not be older than 6 months.
4.Documents uploaded should of clearly visible to enable faster processing of registration. Poor quality will impact your registration and will result in delay for which the office of HMC will not be responsible.
5.You may be required to send hard copies by post, if soft copies uploaded are not clear and this will cause a significant delay in getting registration.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Date for renewal of registration for Registered Medical Practitioners of HMC registered up to 31-12-2015 has been extended to, 31-03-2021 vide public notice published in newspaper. Present charges for the renewal of registration is Rupees 5000/-. No refund requests shall be entertained in case of any reduction in charges in future.
Dual registration will open after approval form the Government. Please feel free to contact in case of any queries.


Profile Picture


Registration Number

Full Name
Date of Birth
Aadhaar Number
Father Name
Mother Name
Mobile Number
Permanent Address

Correspondence Address

Following documents are required for Renewal of Registration

  • Registration Certificate
  • Please send your documents(self attested photocopies as per checklist) and original HMC Certificate to HMC office by Registered post/Speed Post/Courier or by hand With Copy of your Application. HMC will issue new certificate as per your application.