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Renewal of registration and dual registration has been deferred till further notice

Important Notifications2020-06-19T08:24:21+00:00

The Government of India published official gazette notification dated 07/03/2008 for recognition of 5 foreign countries.

Note: – Please note, all the above mentioned qualifications are registrable in the respective countries with their respective medical council/board.
At the time of registration of foreign postgraduate medical qualification with Maharashtra Medical Council, all the concerned documents will have to be submitted in original for verification.

Foreign Medical Graduates2019-12-19T09:30:01+00:00

Foreign Medical Graduates: – The qualification of graduation in medicine obtained from Foreign Universities is registrable in Haryana Medical Council subject to fulfillment of following conditions.
1) Recognition of graduation of Concern University by Medical Council of India, New Delhi.
2) Eligibility Certificate by Medical Council of India, New Delhi.
3) Passing certificate of the examination conducted by the National Board of Examination, New Delhi.
4) Completion of rotating internship of one year after provisional registration from State

Seychelles University2019-12-19T12:31:15+00:00

Seychelles University:- The candidates who have taken admission for the graduation course before 16/04/2010 will be only eligible for registering their graduate qualification with Haryana Medical Council subject to following conditions.
1. Recognition of graduation of concern University by Medical Council of India, New Delhi
2. Eligibility Certificate by Medical Council of India, New Delhi.
3. Passing certificate of the examination conducted by the National Board of Examination, New Delhi.
4. Completion of a rotating internship of one year after provisional registration from State Medical Council.
Please note that no postgraduate qualification is recognized from Seychelles University by the Medical Council of India, New Delhi, hence, the Post Graduate Qualification will not be registered with Haryana Medical Council.

Registration of Additional Qualification2020-06-03T15:03:17+00:00

Registration of Additional Qualification: – Registration of Additional Qualification is mandatory as per clause 7.20 of Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002. (Additional Registration for P.G. Qualification is done once in a lifetime and don’t need any renewal.)Nonregistration of additional qualification may invite legal action in the future in case of medico-legal case/suit and negligency cases in the Council and Hon’ble Court of Law.
Registration with Haryana Medical Council is mandatory for the doctors desirable to practice the specialty in the State of Haryana. All P.G. students should register with HMC before starting to pursue the P.G. course. Doctors having registration with other state councils will have to procure No Objection Certificate from respective State Medical Council for registration with Haryana Medical Council.

Online services are available on Haryana Medical Council website2020-06-03T15:04:10+00:00
1. Registration A) Provisional
B) Permanent (*)
C) Additional Qualification (*)
2. Change of Name
3. Duplicate Certificate A) Duplicate Permanent Certificate
B) Duplicate Additional Qualification Certificate
C) Duplicate Identity Card
4. Change of Address
5. Good Standing Certificate A) HMC
B) MCI Recommendation
C) Verification of Form
6. No Objection Certificate A) HMC
B) Other State
7. Renewal of Registration
8. For NRI Doctors A) Renewal of Registration
B) Good Standing Certificate
C) Verification
9. CME A) Accreditation Org./Asso./Institution
B) Speakers Accreditation
C) Case to case basis Accreditation
D) CME Credit Points
E) Inspection of Institutions for Accreditation.
Fee Structure2020-04-23T10:11:19+00:00
Registration Name Registration Fee
Renewal of Registration 5000
Provisional Registration
Provisional Registration (MBBS Graduates from Haryana) 2100
Provisional Registration (MBBS Graduates Out of Haryana) 2100
Provisional Registration (Foreign Graduates) 10100
Permanent Registration
Permanent Registration (MBBS Graduates from Haryana) 3100
Permanent Registration (MBBS Graduates Out of Haryana) 5100
Permanent Registration (Foreign Graduates) 20100
Other Services
Registration of Additional Qualification 2100
Change of Permanent Address 2600
Change of Name 2600
Registration Transfer from Other States 3100
Foreign Registration Transfer 20100
Duplicate Registration Certificate 2600
No Objection Certificate 5100
Good Conduct Certificate 3100
Restoration of Registration 1100
Without State Medical Council Registration2019-12-19T10:13:48+00:00

Without the State Medical Council Registration, it is not allowed to do any kind of medical practice/ job.
Doctors registered with M.C.I. also need to get State Medical Registration, where he/she intends to practice. Multiple State Medical Registrations are possible if one intends to practice in multiple states.

Before starting of internship2020-06-03T15:04:55+00:00

Before starting of internship, one must obtain Provisional Registration from HMC. The internship will not be held valid without Provisional Registration. Online Provisional Registration facilities are available.

Everybody should clear their desired credit hours2020-06-03T15:05:28+00:00

Everybody should clear their desired credit hours deposited against their registration. Query if any, be made first with the organizer of the event and then to HMC preferably by email or through the nearest IMA President.